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Are Your Ads Working…

Small Business owners juggle so many hats, it’s no wonder that certain aspects of their business operations fall through the cracks. On the top of this list and one of the most overlooked items happens to be marketing. While running the business, this oversight has nothing to do with failure to launch an ad campaign; rather it’s about forgetting to check whether that ad campaign is having a measurable impact on business.

As a small business owner, it is vital to have a dynamic and active marketing plan. Putting any of your ads on cruise control is a death march for your business. Keeping an eye on the results as well as the customer count, can be a tell tale sign that a marketing plan is working or not.

So here are a few indicators to consider, when putting a plan together and measuring the results.

Dated Material…

Is your target market ignoring you because of dated material circulating around. Keeping your ads current and up to date is one of the easiest and most damaging signs that a company can make. Running ads that are out of season, coupons that are expired, specials that no longer exist are all visual signs SCREAMING at your customers to ignore your efforts.

Feeble Sales…

Sales and Customers are the final result. If either of these are low it could mean that your marketing efforts are not reaching the heights that you expected. This is a good indicator that your attention is need now not later.

Unknown Product…

Is your sales message easily understood by your target market. Many business place ads for specific products without a clear marketing message or a unique selling point to these products. If you’re finding that customers are unaware of your main product line, most likely there’s a major disconnect in your ability to communicate what your product does, clearly.

Low Web Traffic…

Know your numbers, are they rising or lying flat ? Gauging your marketing plan by the amount of visitors to your site, is a major indicator that your marketing material is working. Even if your company is a brick-and-mortar operation, knowing the results of your web traffic is still critical – seeing that the vast majority of us will look you up online before walking into your location.

Adapting and growing your marketing ideas in order to achieve the success you desire is just the initial step of your marketing efforts. Being dedicated to the process for the health of your business is your ultimate goal.


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