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               If you are like me it is very easy to get overloaded with business cards from contacts that you meet at networking events. You come home and now have to enter all this information into your contact list or phone, this can be a daunting task. Business cards are still the most practical way of exchanging contact information in real life and yet we want that information to be available at our finger tips from our phones and computers. While it can feel overwhelming taking the time putting all the data in from the cards we collected. Following up with them is twice as hard. So finding a solution is just a app away. These apps are just the thing to help you with both tasks.

              Cam Card for the Android Platform is one that I am using right now. Just hold your phone over a card. When you see the card information come into focus, tap the screen and it will take a photo of the card and send it to be transcribed, right into your contact list. You will see the the image of the card photo as well as all of the relevant contact information in the appropriate fields within your contact list. This has become a life saver as well as a time saver because I always have my contact with me.


          Card Munch is one for the i-phone, it operates the same way and both are free to use. With just a tap of your finger you can easily call, email or text any of your contacts along with locating them or linking to them through your Linked In profile.


You can’t get much better than this. So if your desk looks like mine, with cards scattered everywhere. With no rhyme or reason to your sorting or follow up system. You might need to take a look at these apps to make your life a bit easier.

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