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Grabbing Your Share Of The Market…

Have you ever thought about how other businesses down the road, across the street or even next door are surviving in these times.
What makes them different?
Do they know something that you don’t?

These are good questions to ask yourself, but what if you think you are doing all that you know to do and the money just isn’t rolling in…

Working with small businesses, we have found that many owners are trying to juggle a number of hats, but what makes this relevant today?

Let’s focus our time on the marketing aspect of your businesses. How do you grab your share of the market with a limited marketing budget and limited skills.

Here we will look at five ways to stay Relevant in Today’s Market.


Staying on top of Innovation: Spotting new trends is one of the ways to stay ahead of your competition. Listen carefully when your friends are talking, what your kids are talking about, what is the next new thing and listen to the news. Stay open to new ideas, get creative on how to use the new technology that is coming or already available. An example of this would be when Netflix opened trying to shut down Blockbuster. There might be changes right through the next door you walk through.

Your Customer Response Time: With Twitter and Texting, customers are accustomed to immediate responses. If your customer-support is lagging and it takes you a day or more to get to your customers concerns, you will be loosing them shortly. People have adapted well to the instant marketplace. Checking how fast your competitors respond, and out doing them…your customers will take notice.

Stay Open To Customer Ideas: Companies that are opening themselves up to comments and suggestions from their customers, are finding themselves on top of the marketing pool. You will never know when your next innovated idea will come from.

Keeping An Open Ear: The sad hard truth is that many businesses are closing. While keeping your eyes and ears opened, you might find someone willing to join your business. Or they could be willing to sell you their customer list. Either way you will be able to help the disheartened business owner, the customers, and your community to not loose another business.

Be Flexible: Today many companies are opting in to workers at home. While this is not the most ideal situation for some businesses, many can and should consider it. Expecting workers to warm a chair from 9 to 5 in their offices everyday as other companies offer more flexible working hours can be a big draw to some.

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